Stakeholders, experts and citizens in SIENNA

SIENNA depends on stakeholders, experts and citizens. We use a structured approach to identify and assess the ethical and socioeconomic issues, legal and human rights implications in human genomics, human enhancement, AI & Robotics. This includes a survey of public opinion.

Public opinion surveys

We will survey awareness, expectations and opinions regarding the three technology areas, using representative, large samples of citizens in seven EU and four non-EU countries (France, Germany, Greece, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Brazil, China, South Africa, and United States). The results of the survey will shape the ethical evaluation and the development of ethics protocols and codes.

Citizen panels in SIENNA

We will set up panels of citizens in five EU countries (France, Germany, Spain, Poland and Greece), and will have a full-day deliberation with them on the three technologies, including their impacts, their relevant ethical and legal issues, and the ethical codes needed to regulate them. The results will be incorporated into our proposal for ethical frameworks.

Expert and stakeholder consultation

SIENNA will consult with expert stakeholders (scientists, social scientists, engineers, ethicists) to learn about the technologies, their future evolution and impacts and their ethical dimensions. We will perform at least 120 semi-structured interviews via video, telephone or face-to-face. Another another 80+ interviews with other stakeholders (CSOs, policy makers, industry and professional organisations in research & innovation) will also take place.

Stakeholder workshops

We will organize 26 workshops and conferences with stakeholders, including scientists, ethicists, research ethics committees, professional organisations, civil society organisations, industry and policy-makers.