Theoretical and methodological foundation

SIENNA will start by establishing the methodological foundation for work in all three areas. This will ensure theoretical coherence and methodological consistency in our work.

In the first seven months of the project, we will:

  • Document our approaches for ethical analysis.
  • Document our approaches for legal and human rights analysis.
  • Document our approach to studying social accceptance and awareness.
  • Identify and analyse stakeholders in all three areas.
  • Develop a methodological handbook for the ethical, legal and social analysis in human genomics, human enhancement & artificial intelligence and robotics.

More information and contact

Rowena Rodrigues, Trilateral Research (deputy coordinator)

Rowena Rodrigues, Trilateral Research (deputy coordinator)

Rowena Rodrigues, Research Manager, joined Trilateral Research in 2011. Her areas of expertise and research interests include: privacy and data protection (law, policy and practice), privacy certification, security and surveillance, comparative legal analysis, regulation of new technologies, ethics and governance of new and emerging technologies, and responsible research & innovation. She has published book chapters in Policy Press, Routledge, Springer and articles in journals such as the Computer Law & Security Review, European Journal of Social Science Research, International Data Privacy Law, International Review of Law, Computers and Technology and the Journal of Contemporary European Research. At Trilateral, she has contributed in various capacities to EU research projects (e.g., SATORI, PULSE, IRISS) and provides consultancy to the private sector. Rowena Rodrigues has a PhD in law from the University of Edinburgh. She leads SIENNA's work on methodological and theoretical foundations.

Contact: rowena.rodrigues[at]