Human Enhancement: Ethical, legal and social analysis

Human enhancement is no longer science fiction. Developments in biomedicine and neuroscience demands practical discussion about its ethical, legal, and social implications. SIENNA uses a structured approach to examine the challenges to society.

We begin with a state-of-the-art review of the field, including an analysis of legal and human rights requirements within and outside the EU. We will survey research ethics committee approaches and codes. This data will inform a meaningful ethical assessment. SIENNA will also engage a wide range of stakeholders through workshops, surveys of societal acceptance and awareness and citizen panels.

The ethical, legal and social analysis consists of the following components:

  • State of the art review
  • Analysis of legal and human rights requirements in and outside the EU
  • Survey of Research Ethics Committee approaches and codes
  • Ethical assessment
  • Surveys of societal acceptance and awareness
  • Citizen panels
  • Developing ethical framework

Download the infographic (pdf)

SIENNA Human Enhancement infographic