SIENNA publications on the ELSI of Human Genomics

The SIENNA project is starting to produce results that will be published both in public deliverable reports and peer-reviewed journals. This page lists our outputs covering the ELSI of human genomics. You will find a complete list of outputs from the SIENNA project here.

Deliverable reports

Heidi Howard, Emilia Niemiec, & Alexandra Soulier. (2019). SIENNA D2.1: State of the art review of human genomic technologies (Version V0.4). Zenodo.

Santa Slokenberga, Konrad Siemaszko, Zuzanna Warso, & Heidi C Howard. (2019). SIENNA D2.2 Analysis of the legal and human rights requirements for genomics in and outside the EU (Version V2.0). Zenodo.

Heidi Howard, Emilia Niemiec, Lisa Tambornino, & Dirk Lanzerath. (2019). SIENNA D2.3: Survey of REC approaches and codes for genomics (Version V0.5). Zenodo.​

Alexandra Soulier, Emilia Niemiec, & Heidi Carmen Howard. (2019). SIENNA D2.4: Ethical Analysis of Human Genetics and Genomics (Version V0.3). Zenodo.

Tim Hanson. (2020). SIENNA D2.5: Public views on genetics, genomics and gene editing in 11 EU and non-EU countries (Version V4). Zenodo.

Kantar (Public Division). (2019). SIENNA D2.6: Qualitative research exploring public attitudes to human genomics (Version V3). Zenodo

Scientific publications

Newsletters from the SIENNA project

Related publications (not SIENNA results)