SIENNA publications on the ELSI of Human Genomics

The SIENNA project is starting to produce results that will be published both in public deliverable reports and peer-reviewed journals. This page lists our outputs covering the ELSI of human genomics. You will find a complete list of outputs from the SIENNA project here.

Deliverable reports

Howard H, Niemiec E, Soulier A, SIENNA D2.1 State-of-the-art review, WP2 Human Genomics, 2019, Submitted public deliverable from the SIENNA project, awaiting approval from the European Commission

Scientific publications

Slokenberga S & Howard HC, The right to science and human germline editing. Sweden, its external commitments and the ambiguous national responses under the Genetic Integrity Act, Förvaltningsrättslig Tidskrift, 2019;2:199-222.

Canellopoulou-Bottis, Maria, The Greek Law on Genetics and Genomics - An Overview and Outlook for Future Perspectives, SSRN, available online December 4, 2018

Newsletters from the SIENNA project

Human Genomics: Connect with the SIENNA project (no 1), issued May 21, 2019

Related publications (not SIENNA results)

Vears DF, Niemiec E, Howard HC, Borry P, How do consent forms for diagnostic high‐throughput sequencing address unsolicited and secondary findings? A content analysis, Clinical Genetics, 2018;94(3-4): 21-329. 

Vears DF, Niemiec E, Howard HC, Borry P, Analysis of VUS reporting, variant reinterpretation and recontact policies in clinical genomic sequencing consent forms, European Journal of Human Genetics, 2018;26:1743–1751.