SIENNA project policy briefs

Based on our reports, the SIENNA project will publish a series of policy briefs in spring 2021. The series will summarise our recommendations for improving the regulatory frameworks for artificial intelligence and robotics, human genomics and technologies that can be used to enhance human abilities.

Enhancing EU legal frameworks for AI & robotics

Cover of SIENNA Policy Brief #1

In practice, existing EU legal frameworks like human rights, data protection, product liability and safety, are fully applicable and should be able to cope with the challenges posed by AI and robotics, and other emerging technologies. SIENNA has identified various gaps and challenges that must be addressed. In our first policy brief, we list some of the urgent actions required and make recommendations for European Union institutions. 

Trilateral Research. (2020, December 17). Enhancing EU legal frameworks for AI & robotics: SIENNA project Policy Brief #1 (Version 1.0). Zenodo. 

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